About Me

I'm Elizabeth Grigg

I'm a UX and Visual Designer in the consumer software space. I'm currently acquiring my Google UX Certification, volunteering, and working on personal projects.

Graphic Design
UX Design
User Experience
2D Animation
3D Animation

What am I looking for...

In Upcoming project content? My ANSWER:

Projects in my sweet spot will be consumer websites, mobile apps, videos, or slide decks. Why the focus on consumers? The bar for them is high. The tech needs to do the heavy lifting. Their solutions need to be just that: easier ways of doing things that are otherwise hard to do. It's important in the consumer space that designers build in advocacy for underserved groups. Not all projects will hit these notes but this is why I keep coming back.


My process goals include collaboration with a trusted group of colleagues and clients. It does not have to be a solo ride. The collaborative work can happen through freelance, traditional full-time work, or not-work at all such as personal projects or volunteering.

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If you like these, here is the link to my instagram that has the animated versions: See animated versions

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