user experience Case Study

My Role
Product Designer
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Tools Used
Storyboard This!
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Project Overview
Smartphone app helps you organize, understand, and pay hospital bills.
Project Context is a personal project done as part of the Google UX Certification. App features are a cross between Quicken and Dropbox, but for hospital medical bills.
Problems Solved
Hospital bills are confusing and overwhelming. solves the problem of having to check every line item on every bill for fairness, accuracy, and insurance status. With this info provides, consumers are more confident. Home Page

Using a dashboard model, scroll through a variety of stats placing your medical expenses in an XY axis of money and time relative to the norm. Sorted at the top by what you need to do most urgently today or soonest.

Behind the Scenes Storyboards

High level storyboards taking a bill from its initial suspicious stage as it arrives in your mailbox, to its OK to Pay stage where it checks out and you have full confidence in paying it.


Problem Definition
Project began as a prompt from the online app Sharpen
Developed personas based on interviews of people with recent hospital experience.
Created storyboards using clip art, Storyboard This, and sharpie.
Optimized paper wireframes for exploration and number of options.
Low-Fidelity Digital Wireframes
Using Figma, created low fidelity digital wireframes for an end to end scenario
User Testing
Created a paper prototype and reviewed it with potential users.
Information Architecture
Based on new info from user testing, created an Information Architecture diagram to guide design updates.
Mid-Fidelity Digital Wireframes
Created mid-fidelity mockups in Figma.