Elizabeth Grigg Case Study


My Role
Product Designer
UX Designer
Tools Used
Project Overview
The Coffeehouse smartphone app optimizes wait time expectations for to-go and for-here customers.
Project Context
Coffeeshop is a personal project done as part of the Google UX Certification. This app has all the functionality of ordering, payment, and loyalty rewards that customers expect, with rich capabilities to reserve a table and manage your wait time.
Problems Solved
Workers need to be able to plan their time, whether a for-here session at a coffeehouse table, or bringing back a to-go set of orders for the team. The design features a “photo behind” look that relies on vertical swiping instead of a navigation bar.

Coffeehouse Home Page

This high fidelity mockup is the result of discarding several more conventional versions. The swipe-up model is a risk, but the reward of a photo of the beach will ground the experience with each interaction. Dotted page markers keep you oriented to your location in the scroll.

Behind the Scenes Storyboards

Several other beachy candidates for photo-behind, and how they might show up in the sketched prototypes.


Goal Statement
Developed the priority of saving time for customers in the for-here and to-go scenarios.
User Journey Map
Low-Fidelity Digital Wireframes
High-Fidelity Digital Wireframes

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