Elizabeth Grigg Case Study

Clothes Captions

My Role
Clothing Designer
Tools Used
After Effects
Project Overview
T-shirts that advocate for the hard of hearing and deaf community.
Project Context
Started and ran a dropship online T-shirt business. Developed all graphics for the product as well as product video and stills for the website and online stores. Often I have wished for better accommodation of my own hearing loss, in the form of captioning in all settings. The shirts act like captioning and commentary in any environment they are worn.
Problems Solved
The experience of watching movies with captions is universal. Captions are available at the click of a button. Shouldn’t captions be available to anyone at any time, in real life? Enter the T-shirt line to help envision what this could look like, and provide some advocacy and a good conversation starter.

Setting up the Business

A dropship T-shirt business is not easy to set up. Here is a graphical representation of the moving parts involved.

And then what happened

Shortly after opening the store, COVID hit, so I made a pivot to creating t-shirts to advertise the wearer's social distancing preferences.